• We design, develop, publish and distribute client and browser- based casual games, as single player and free-to-play multiplayer versions for the international market.

  • We follow a multi-platform strategy and offer the option of social integration: smartphone, tablet, desktop, console, social and browser games.

  • We offer skills, experience and devotion together with a huge portion of motivation and discovery spirit. We are experienced and skilled to work in all facets of the digital world. Based on our own well-established media agency, we are able to grasp back of a big wealth of experience.

  • We work together as a low-hierarchy dynamic team, which does not limit our creativity and gives to everybody the possibility of free development to reach our goals together.


(Darmstadt, February 8, 2012) – ByteToys is born. A dynamic startup with the mission to design, to develop, to publish and to distribute games, whose game experience adjusts to the players’ needs. Our high-quality, client and browser-based casual games, as single and free-to-play multiplayer versions, distinguish themselves from the majority by their high degree of usability as well as by its joy of use. The games that we offer are portable, mobile, social and adaptable. Thus, our USP clearly stands out from the current standard of this growing industry and makes it possible for us to actively use the potential of the market. Consequently we are internationally focused and always up-to-date.

To play is a need that is deeply rooted in us. By playing, we keep developing, we learn to communicate and to interact. Thereby, we change our own world and the world we live in.

We are an agile team, consisting of 8 skilled characters which are competent in different fields, with the license to queer ideas. Through our low-hierarchy organisation comes together, what we have in common: passion, dedication, teamwork, motivation, courage and humanness. This combination of expertise and dedication enables us to reach the goals that we have set for us as a team. We actively and competently consider the needs of our target groups in the development processes and unite what belongs together. Our stakeholders are optimally integrated and always well-informed through our transparency.

Our maxim: Impossible is only that, which your imagination momentarily is not able to grasp.

We promote innovation by making room for creativity and ameliorations. As a team we support and complement one another. In doing so, we are open for the new, always exchanging opinions and always thinking outside the box.

Our goal is to develop, to publish and to distribute casual games which continually grow with the player’s needs. We offer to our players new worlds of experience which stand for an individual and smooth game experience. This means to mobilize the game experience and to offer the freedom to become part of the whole yourself. The single player versions of our game concepts make it possible to go on exciting and epic missions. Based on this, we create a smooth transition to the multiplayer versions. These make it possible to actively implement a microcosm and to connect with thousands of players. Whatever end device you are using or wherever you are at the moment. We create user-friendly and dynamic game environments on the highest level, with which we generate great single and multiplayer experiences.

Our way is not carved in stone. We flexibly move in a road network, which is to be enlarged through innovation and optimized through ameliorations. That is why we, just as the needs of our players, never stand still. It is not our nature, to stay in preset and linear structures, but to do with devotion, joy and discovery spirit, what we hold as a common goal: fantastic, highly qualitative casual games that make our lives richer.

Welcome to ByteToys. Play, now!